Designed and developed by a team of experts and manufactured in the British Isles, Dynamic Quantum saves up to 47% on energy costs compared to electric radiators and convectors.

As pioneers in electric heating, Heatstore continues to lead the field with innovative and contemporary product design - all backed by nationwide after-sales support and a dedicated sales team.

All Heatstore Dynamic heating products:

  • Are designed to comply with part L of the Building Regulations.
  • Feature advanced heating controls to help achieve the best possible SAP ratings
  • Have a lower capital and maintenance cost than a gas boiler system.
  • Offer total flexibility in design.
  • Are quick and easy to install or upgrade.
  • Are virtually maintenance-free.

Whatever the requirement - from new build to refurbishment, a single room to a whole development, whether domestic or commercial - Heatstore offers the most effective, economical and environmentally friendly heating solutions.

Quantum heater
Quantum heater flap

Heatstore have developed a revolutionary system that combines state-of-the-art electric heating resulting in optimal efficiency, comfort and controllability.

The Dynamic Quantum is designed to use low-cost, low-carbon energy from renewable sources, such as hydroelectric and wind turbines - and converts this into heat. During periods of low demand it stores this energy, turning it into cheap, efficient heat to be used when required. Importantly, the Dynamic Quantum system can use electricity generated by any source.

The Heatstore Dynamic Quantum Heater

  • Save up to 47% on energy costs compared to electric radiators and convectors.
  • Save up to 27% on energy costs compared to static storage heaters.
  • Uses off-peak tariffs for low running costs - on a room-by-room basis it is expected that 90% of the heating requirement will be met by off-peak energy.
  • Rapid heat-up through fan assisted output.
  • Automatically adjusts to the user’s needs and lifestyle through its dynamic storage capacity.
  • Easy-to-use, electronic user interface with LCD display, featuring a room temperature setting with seven-day programmer.
  • Precisely matches the user’s chosen heating profile.
  • Soft-start, ultra quiet fan for minimum intrusion.
  • Boost element ensures heat is always readily available.
  • Attractive, state-of-the-art and compact design, no deeper than a double wet radiator, with flexible mounting and adjustable feet positions.
  • Covers previous ‘fixing marks’ of most comparably sized traditional storage heaters.
  • 10 year warranty.